Monday, March 22, 2010

My Soccer Mom Style

I was thinking about my new status as Soccer Mom (see my last post)... gone are the days of cardigans and pearls (were there ever really soccer moms that wore that stuff?!). I was searching around etsy daydreaming about what I think would be the perfect spectator style, and here is what I came up with. I'm a big believer in casual comfort, but would still like to look pulled together.

So what do you wear to the big game?


  1. This is way cuter than I look when i go to Keegan's games!

  2. Don't get me wrong~ this is WAY cuter than I look too! =) Just dreamin'...

  3. if you wore this you'd be the most stylist mama out there! love it!

  4. aww Mandy! this made my day! :)
    You have great taste!
    looove that bag!! don't you wish etsy would give away shopping sprees??

  5. great picks... I REALLY love the flats, they are adorable.

  6. I JUST posted on my blog what I wore to Little League practice! I was very comfortable but felt very stylish too.

    Hi from SITS!

  7. I love the outfit!

    Following You from MBC,
    when you get a chance
    ,could you follow me back ?


    Half Brazilian-Half Irish

  8. Stinking CUTE! I love that headband! Snazzy outfit for sure!! Stopping by from SITS!

  9. Those are great! Fab style for sure! Way to redefine the soccer mom look.

  10. lovee what you put together! and love the headband from anna! cute soccer mom outfit i would totally wear this.


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