Friday, March 5, 2010

Sun Love

Well, to flip yesterday's post completely on it's head... We took advantage of the sun last yesterday evening and spent a little while outside. I always think it's funny; these first 'warm' days when everyone strips off a few layers and spends time outside like they've been set free~ it's still only 40 degrees, but it feels soooo good! Remy got a new bike, an official 'Big Boy Bike', for his birthday and was thrilled to ride. The greatest task was keeping Halle from messing around in the mud & slush~ it's just so tempting!

Today I'm loving the sun and the forecast of warmer days ahead. I'm loving the smell of cheesecake baking in my oven. I have to make two for an event at church tomorrow, so it isn't really for us to eat, but I love the house smelling like a bakery! I'm also experimenting with a chocolate-raspberry thing that I am inventing. I haven't started that one just yet, but I will hopefully have a good report next week!

The weekend promises to be busy, as usual, but I am hoping to fill up any spare moments with extra love and snuggles from my sweet little ones~ I'll take that any time I can! I hope you have a wonderful love-filled weekend! Happy Friday!

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