Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Thaw

The weather has been awfully gray for the last weeks, as it has been everywhere in this hemisphere, I think... And honestly I'm pretty tired of it. But alas, there is hope~ today the sun was shining! And when I went to pick Remy up from preschool, his class was playing outside on the playground. You could see the excitement on everyone's faces, most of all the poor teachers who have been cooped up with these stir-crazy wee ones for months. I do appreciate the sun, but as things melt it gets so ugly before getting pretty again. Our yard is less covered in snow, and it's our first glimpse of what the ground here looks like, as it's been snow-covered since we arrived. There is definitely a lot of work to do as it warms up!

And here's a little snapshot of our little bungalow... kind of reminds me of the Brady house or something...

Happy Thursday! I have some baking I'll hopefully be able to tell you about in the next few days (if all goes as planned). 


  1. fresh snow is beautiful and spring is beautiful but that in-between time can be long!

  2. Winter is too long for me. Glad we're finally seeing some hope of spring. :)


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