Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doing Our Part~ Earth Day!

In years past Earth Day has come and gone with a lot of guilt in my gut... I have always felt that there is so much we could do, so much I want to do, but haven't. This year I feel like our family is really making strides in this area. It's all baby steps, mind you, but any steps forward in this area are good ones, right?! We are making simple choices like shopping with cloth bags, recycling, drying clothes on the line, eating more consciously, our newly started compost bin... All those add up, I know, but I think the biggest strides are being made in the learning that is taking place. Remy and Halle are diving head-first into our garden 'experiment', and we are all learning together how things grow and how to take care of the earth. Rem is also my chief recycler and is constantly chattering about how we can recycle this or reuse that. I love that!
My plants, by the way are still doing great. (I know you were just dying to check in on them...) I moved them into larger pots and have definitely become a bona fide 'crazy plant lady', checking on them and taking them out for a little sun.

My girl eating breakfast in her Princess garden gloves... that's normal, right?!

So what do you have planned to celebrate today? has some great Earth Day printables, so Remy and I may do something from there. Other than that, I think we will just try to get outside a bit, if the Indiana weather permits. God created this earth, so we should enjoy it! Have a great day!


  1. Keegan's so into recycling, too. Love it! Glad to see your plants are doing well!

  2. halle looks too cute in her gardening gloves! you certainly are making great strides!!! i remember we had a compost bin growing up... my step-dad also had a bin of worms (sounds weird and gross - it was!) that we'd give our scraps to. i think he was using it for good soil. anyways, unfortunately today all i did to celebrate was watch "dirtgirlworld" with hunter (it's been a long day of dr's appts, so that is my excuse... i know, not a good one.). anyways, glad the lil plants are all doing well!


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