Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today I thought that I would introduce you to one of, if not the, most used tools in my sewing arsenal. Gingher Knife Edge Thread Snips.  Even the name sounds fantastic, right? My mother gave these to me after I began sewing regularly last year. I had hinted to her that I loved them, asked where she got them, etc., and she was kind enough to let me have them for my own. These little clippers are razor sharp (as the name implies), and after a bit of awkward practice, they fit into your hand as you work, making quick work of clipping threads, notching seams, clipping curves, whatever! I am almost never without these little babies! I was thrilled to discover that you can still buy them at several places online (thrilled for you, of course... I'm keeping mine!) including here.
So what is your favorite thing in your craft room? Do you have one tool you couldn't live/work without?


  1. Never heard of these! Have to check them out. It depends on what craft I'm into at the moment as to what my must have item is. But I will say, I go nowhere without my camera. So maybe I'm a bit more obsessed with photography than my other crafts. Camera it is!

  2. Those are wonderful!!!
    I have a few must haves in my craft of them being a 1.99 pair of scissor I got at hobby lobby that are the best ever!
    ...and lots of buttons and beads for creativity.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  3. Strangely enough, when I stop to think about it, one of my go-to tools is a bone folder. I say strangely, because I do way more sewing than I do paper crafts. But that bone folder is so hand for poking out corners and seams... I'm always using it.


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