Thursday, April 15, 2010

Signs of Life

Happy Thursday!  I know you are going to get tired of these shots, but the thing is that I'm not yet... =) so here they are! I am completely amazed at this gardening thing. Remy and I have been 'oohing & ahhing' several times a day over the growth of our little seedlings. I don't know who is more impressed.

This is yesterday morning

Then this morning~ Impressive, right?! It really is causing me to reflect on God's marvelous work in a way that I hadn't before. I am feeling very attached to my little plants. (and I'm also beginning to wonder whether or not I'm a little more crazy than I originally thought.)

Other signs of spring things are popping up all over around here. Storm windows have been removed and windows flung open. I love hearing all the mowing and smelling the neighborhood grills in the evening. The littles are spending more time outside with less clothing (It's been in the 80s here, I think!).  I am spending my time working at the kitchen table, just off the back yard, and I love listening to their imaginations come alive and the narratives that ensue outside. Much drama takes place around the bird bath~ soup is made, parties are held for birds who have been away for the winter, and many things get lost in the ocean that must be rescued.

Halle has also discovered 'flop-flops', which are necessary every time she goes out the door. She is my girl!
I am trying to just take in every lovely, time-standing-still moment that seems to be happening all around me. I have fleeting seconds of guilt for not tying myself to my sewing machine and making some more for the shop or get to making Halle's curtains for her poor bare windows, but then I see or hear or smell something fantastic literally in our own backyard and I forget about my guilt. I just enjoy... and I hope you do too! So what are you enjoying about spring right now? I'd love for you to share!


  1. Glad you are enjoying your spring - and the kids, too! We are enjoying the flips flops and no coats! I love the warm weather, but the pollen is trying to kill my kids. :( Love your little garden!

  2. God knows what he is doing and it takes your hands and his help to spring new life. Nothing amazes me more than watching seedling sprout and to know the energy it takes. Keep up the good work and may you have a bountiful explosion.
    I too never get tired of God's beauty and can see it in just the simplest things.

  3. such beautiful glimpses of spring you're beholding!!! i'm amazed by how much the plants grew in one day! wow! i love your gal's flip flops. i'm enjoying the warm weather and taking walks with my lil' boy and pointing out nature to him. it's beautiful to see God's glory in the outdoors around us!

    i'm going to visit your shop and get the burpcloths (finally!). i'm super excited!


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