Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today is seeming just a bit 'daily'. Nothing major to speak of, but we're loving this sun, especially the kids. I had to find the sunscreen, which was no small task, but I did, and fortunately it's still good. They are in the newly filled sand box at every spare moment. I love that they are happy, but it is proving that this is going to be one dirty, sandy warm season. I have swept twice already today and the sand just keeps showing up. (Sigh.)

Then, I guess there is this bit of GIANT news:
Upon inspection of my seedlings this morning, I discovered that a handful of them are showing sprouts. I am doing the happy dance over this~ There is hope for this garden yet!

And one last picture. This is Halle in the new Bubble Suit that will be in my shop later today. My mom gave me a bunch of vintage patterns, and this is adapted from one that I adored. I did change it to that the shoulders would simply tie at the shoulder (eliminating buttons) and took out the snaps at the bottom. Simple, easy dressing is definitely my key to summer wear, and I am assuming y'all feel the same way. You can bet that she will have bunches of these this summer!

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  1. Got mine today and LOVE IT! Presley is going to be too cute this summer with all her 2 sweet things outfits!


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