Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Love~ On being a mom

This morning Remy's preschool had their 'Mother's Special Day' program to honor all the moms. Sadly, the following picture is the only one I got of the little man that didn't have him either looking behind him at the other boys or in a blur of motion. It was a sweet celebration, and the little people served cookies to us and gave out flowers. Remy was his usual, shy self and didn't participate in the actual program, but it was fun putting faces to all the names he tells us about after school.
Today I am especially thankful to be a mom. I do adore my littles! I hate the yearly holidays, mostly because I think it's pretty much always Mother's Day around our house- I am very spoiled! I am so blessed to have these wonderful wild things underfoot and to be entrusted with caring for them. Such joy and responsibility all wrapped up in two magical little miracles.

This is my very serious little sewing helper. 

She quickly moved on to unraveling all the pink thread...

I'm trying to love every trying moment... I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of people and things that you love! Happy Friday!


  1. Adorable photos! Have a wonderful mother's day weekend!

  2. isn't motherhood amazing?!
    what a sweet sweet post. Halle's eyelashes are precious!
    ENjoy your weekend!


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