Monday, May 10, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday morning! Mondays always tend to be a little miscellaneous anyway, so I thought I would link up with Carissa and share the love. On with the random thoughts:

~The weekend was great, though it was pretty cool (47 degrees on Saturday!), so we didn't get out much.

~While testing the smoke detectors this morning (because they had been unplugged due to my setting them off last week, ahem...), Remy comes running into the room in his hat and cape telling us he heard the 'Super Hero Signal'. He asked if there was an emergency- if that's the signal, there will be plenty more opportunities to save the day, I'm sure.

~Yesterday we had two of Trace's students come over to do yard work at our house. They are earning money towards the summer mission trip to Nashville, and they did a great job. They even volunteered to clean out gutters (not on the original list!) and scooped out the gunk with their bare hands. There was talk of performing the Chimney Sweep song from Mary Poppins with the broom up there, but being the adult, I had to veto it. Truth be told, I was excited to hear that two teenagers knew the song and would have loved to join in. Since when did I become the adult!?

~I am addicted to Chocolate Cheerios. I couldn't remember if I mentioned this before, but I couldn't resist. The are incredible, and I've polished off more boxes than I'm willing to fess up to. Thankfully they only have 100 calories per serving.

I guess that's all I've got for now. you can link up by clicking on Carissa's icon above and join in the randomness. Have a great Monday~ I'm off to Bible Study!


  1. Cheerios makes chocolate Cheerios? I MUST try them.

    I love the part about the teenagers singing the song from Mary Poppins. Love it!

    On a different note, your Etsy stuff looks amazing!

    Blessings to you.


  2. thanks so much for linking up!!! so glad you joined because i'm loving all the random! remy's superhero story is too adorable. i can just picture it and it had to have been the cutest thing ever! what a great way for the youth to raise money! i haven't tried the chocolate cheerios... i will now! hope Bible study is great (as if it could be anything less!).

  3. those chocolate cheerios are good! i always tell the kids "thats mommas cereal, don't touch" lol is that mean? love your blog btw!

  4. Super hero signal - that's hysterical! Love it!

  5. I just saw a commercial for chocolate cheerios, now I'm going to have to try them!

  6. love Carissa's monday posts:)
    sooo cute that Remy heard his "superhero signal" -that is such a fun age.

    Wish I could do a mission trip to needed!
    wishing you a wonderful week~

  7. Chocolate Cheerios? I have never seen these. I love Cocoa Puffs. How cute of your son, your super hero coming to save the day. I enjoyed joining in the fun today.


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