Monday, May 31, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~Typically I would begin with a 'Happy Monday' or other such greeting, but it's not so happy right now... MY COFFEE MAKER HAS DIED. I thought maybe I just did something stupid like forgot to turn it on or put water in, but no luck. This is not a good development. Must have coffee.

~In other, way better news, my sister had her new baby boy on Thursday, and I am an aunt again~ yay! Baby Miles Ryan joins big brother Reese and is doing great at home. 'Can't wait to see him sometime, though they are really far away... not sure when it will be, but I'd love to get my hands on the little guy!

~At last count, which was before bed last night, Remy had a total of 5 pieces of cake/cupcakes this weekend. When in youth ministry, graduation weekend is a constant stream of parties, and we also threw in a birthday party. The frosting was flowing, and my children were in heaven (and let's just admit it, I was too!). 

~I spent a good part of this weekend's free time (which wasn't much) converting the littles' winter things into summer clothes. I blogged about this last year, I think, and I will hopefully have a post with pictures this week. My theory is that I wouldn't get more than a quarter for pajamas or a pair of leggings at a garage sale, and I totally couldn't buy new ones for that, so I just convert long pjs into shorts & short sleeves. And bunches of Halle's leggings became shorts or capris. 'Gotta love a cheap new wardrobe!

Okay, that's it for now. Feel free to join in on the 'Miscellany' by clicking the link to Carissa's blog above! Have a great day!

**Updated: My sweet husband picked up a new coffee maker for me this morning! **


  1. The coffee maker has died?? In my home -- that is an EMERGENCY. Can you get to a store, or starbucks? :)

    I love it that you convert winter clothes into summer clothes. My youngest daughter has quite a few pairs of capris that used to be pants. This really works well -- she's got about a size 4 waist and size 10 length. Those pants/shorts are hard to find.

    Have a great Monday!


  2. hey sweet gal! thanks for joining in! i love having you! so so sorry about the coffee maker. hopefully a fix is right around the corner!

    congratulations auntie on sweet miles! i love his name!

    i remember the youth ministry graduation days... you're right... it was like an endless cycle of parties! i'm sure remy didn't mind much!

    have a beautiful day!

  3. So sorry about your coffee maker!! Ugh. And you mentioned that you adn your hubby are youth ministers! Love it! We were youth pastors for a time, too, and we're still really involved in our church youth group. We love teens!

    I love your adorable little etsy shop! I'm a beginner at sewing but I'm totally LOVING it! It's so much fun! It's been a lovely visit here and I'm definitely following!

  4. I will totally be trying to convert some clothes like that! My baby is small but long, so that would work great for him:-) Cupcakes are heaven for me, so I'm loving all the showers and parties this time of year! I'll have to check out your shop soon!


  5. Congrats on being an auntie again! I have 32 nieces/nephews between my side and my husband's side but I thoroughly enjoy them. What a blessing!

  6. I am sorry about your coffee maker. I don't think I could function without my cup of coffee in the morning. Did you get the chance to run to a coffee place and get coffee?

    Congratulations on being an aunt again! What a wonderful blessing! And thank you so much for sharing :)

    Have a blessed Memorial Day,

  7. Yikes that is such and emergency when the coffee maker dies...replace it quick, quick haha :0)

    Yay on being a new Auntie congrats....

    love the miscellany
    Summer :0)

  8. Your husband is so sweet to buy you a new coffee maker!

    Congrats on becoming an aunt again. How fun!

    That's a lot of cake. I would be on a serious sugar high and crash really hard.

    You are very creative to turn your kiddos winter clothing into things they could use for summer.

    Praying you had a great day!


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