Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Simple Systems~ How I Stay Sane, Part One

Last week I pitched the idea of doing some posts on time management, and I was surprised by the amount of emails and comments that I got about the idea. I love the idea, but thought that before I share some of my own strategies for home-keeping, I would share the Number One thing I think is keeping me sane right now. This is a fairly new consistent commitment in our house, but I definitely think that God has done some big things in my marriage, my home, and in me with this.
Nap Time
I have been one who is inconsistent with when and where I do my "quiet time" (my daily time of prayer and Bible Study). Being a morning person, I love having that time first thing in the morning, but having two little ones just doesn't lend itself to getting away in the morning. I typically would just fit in my time here and there throughout the day, or occasionally at nap time. Several weeks ago, I made the commitment to God and myself that I was going to use my nap time for this. Every day.

Let me just offer some insight & thoughts. I know that this time for moms of little ones especially is a time in which you think you need to be doing things around the house. Let me just encourage you to save this time daily for yourself. I committed to not doing any chores during this time and have been so happy with it! For one thing I believe it is good for Remy & Halle to see me doing household chores and to participate in such things. I would hate for them to grow up thinking that some fairy magically cleanse the house while they sleep. =) And for another thing, I truly need this time for myself.  In previous times (before I was consistently doing this...) Trace would get home from a long day at work and I would pretty much just hand off the kids to him and declare that I needed time to myself. The thing I neglected to see was that although he had been away from home all day, he hadn't had any time to himself either- He deserves to have some peace as well!

It has been so good for me to take those glorious moments while the littles sleep to meet with God! And the effect on my marriage is awesome~ I am so steeped in God's Word as I continue my day that I have found my mood to be better, and the way that I treat my family has much improved as well. (By the way, tonight I quizzed Trace about how he thought things seemed around the house lately, and he said that I seem less 'agitated' among other things... He had no idea I was doing this little experiment.) I am always reminded of Proverbs 25:24 (The Message) that says "Better to live in a tumbledown shack than to share a mansion with a nagging spouse." I do not want to be that spouse!

**Updated: I should add that Remy no longer naps every day, but he does have to stay in his room for at least an hour of his own quiet time. We use a timer, and I encourage him to read or play quietly in his bed.**

So that's just a few thoughts on what works for me... I have some other posts in the works about my actual plans for meal planning, household maintenance, and budgeting. And because I hate a post with no pictures, here's a shot of my 2 sweet things riding their bikes. Totally random and not related, but cute, right?!


  1. My problem is that Keegan no longer naps and hasn't for quite some time. I usually wait until they are both occupied in their rooms playing nicely (only about 10 or 15 minutes before one comes running and screaming). But I agree, husband's need time to themselves as well and I was totally guilty of expecting Mike to jump right in once he got home for work. I don't want to be that nagging spouse either. I definitely think getting some time to yourself is key - even if it's only a few minutes. Great post, Mandy! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

  2. i love this! you motivate me! it's so easy to spend nap time blogging, cleaning, or taking a nap myself! : ) my time with the Lord varies every day and it would be so beneficial for me and my family if i had more consistency! my aunt told me a long time ago: "don't worry about the dust, and the piling laundry... a mother needs her time with the Lord more than anything else!" i need to apply those words more often! i can't wait to read more of your time management tips!


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