Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Easy Breezy~ Halle's Curtains

So I am almost ashamed to post this because it was sooooo easy, but I thought I would post anyway because I'm terribly happy with the results. I posted months ago that I had been working on curtains for Halle's room. I finished the curtains at that time, but we had only purchased one curtain rod. I spent the next months putting 'curtain rod' on my Target list, then promptly leaving the list on the table, or not finding the right rod at Target the one time I actually remembered my list. Finally last week I found it, and now I am happy to report that her room has curtains.
(I apologize for the poor lighting, it was very sunny. ) For the fabric, I purchased a full size sheet set that matched Halle's bedding. They were on sale, and this gave me a ton of fabric that matches all her pieces. Way cheaper than buying yardage, plus I have all this other fabric to use for something! I cut a rectangle the size of the window, adding enough for a hem on three sides and a pocket at the top. The I lined the whole piece with white cotton fabric to help it hang better and block the light a bit. (Her room is bright pink and on the sunny side of the house~ in the afternoons it glows!)

Then I just rolled it up and tied it with a pink polka dotted ribbon. I thought about doing something more elaborate, like a roman shade type thing, but after waiting this long to get rods up and curtains hung I decided to not push it and just get them on the windows. I know my limits...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I need to learn how to sew! Your curtains look great!

  2. Terribly cute! I love this idea.


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