Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Love~ End of Summer

I must make a confession: I do not really like summer. Sure, it has it's merit... swimming and popsicles, cook-outs and fireflies, you know all the typical stuff. But it's just not my season. I don't like to sweat and dream about fall. I love the colors and smells and above all the clothing. I am an autumn, curl up in a sweater kind of girl. So while I have enjoyed the long, lazy days with my littles outside and getting tan without really trying, I am so ready for the next season. So I guess my 'Love' for the day is that I love knowing something else is on the horizon.

Okay, sermon over... We are taking advantage of these (hopefully) fleeting warm days, as I said we would. Yesterday we went to Riverfront Park in Peoria to get to know some folks from the area. There is a wonderful fountain there where kids can play (and the occasional adult, I suppose), and Remy & Halle took full advantage. Tons of fun! I managed to find my camera just before we left, and as I said I would yesterday, I snapped pictures. We practically had to drag them away when we were ready to leave, but that's the sign of a good time, right?!

'Hope your weekend is full of things you love!


  1. Such fun! You've given your children a wonderful summer memory.

  2. it sounds like you are going to make the most of these last warm days! i wish i could say our warm weather is fleeting... ugh! ; ) adorable kids in adorable fotos, as always! fall is my favorite; i can't wait for its entrance.


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