Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer in Black & White

On the (long) list of things I don't like is most sports. Especially watching sports. So imagine my excitement upon hearing that our church would have a softball team. They called themselves the Leeches (because they suck!), and played in a league of 4 teams. Yes, four. We're not talking the majors here... But regardless of their skill or lack thereof, Remy was thrilled to attend anytime he could to watch Trace play. I love this picture of my little guy (in the middle), legs dangling, watching the game. He loved every second of every inning! Though I'm not a baseball fan or big on Americana, something about ball just screams summer to me. (Perhaps that is part of why I'm excited for summer to be over?!)

Have a great Wednesday! You can see more Summer in Black & White here at Scoutie Girl.


  1. I love the picture and I totally hear you with lack of excitement watching the game.

  2. One of the best things about the way he is sitting there is his body language. He is entranced... and not staring at the TV. This is Buddha-riffic meditation. Living in the moment!

  3. He's adorable sitting there! What a great shot. And I love that your church team has a sense of humor about their skills.


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