Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This weather really does make me sooooo happy! This weekend we had friends over for a cookout, and then yesterday we had a 'picnic party' (according to Halle) in the yard. While I love the craziness of big celebrations, I adore parties like this~ that only require a snack of some sort, a blanket (in this case a vintage table cloth) and friends.

Last week at my mom's, I went 'shopping' through her kitchen for anything I might need and found that she had some mini muffin pans. She graciously gave them to me, and I am thrilled! I have already made brownies, and yesterday I made banana muffins. The tiny little treats made the perfect food for our picnic. And the littles had a blast~ it even worked out so that Trace got home from work and was able to join us.

How are you enjoying this transition into fall? Today is Remy's first day of school and soccer, so it's a big one for us! I'll be back later with We Scout Wednesday, I think, but that's it for now! xo

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  1. How fun! The brownies and banana muffins sound so good. I haven't had any sweets in so long - unless you count fruit which I do not. The pics are terribly sweet. I am SO looking forward to cooler weather!


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