Thursday, September 23, 2010


I get asked pretty often about what the kids and I do all day. I must admit that some days I am at a loss for anything creative. Chores mount and I can't really think of anything more than just getting through the day in one piece. I do try to get the littles outside for something organized at least once a day. We do a lot of collecting and foraging when we're outside. Remy, no doubt inspired by preschool, calls this 'compare & contrast', and we have fun making piles of found objects.

Today we went on a leaf hunt. We had categories that included biggest, smallest, strangest, greenest, silliest, etc. Once we were done collecting, we sorted them on the outside table and did a little comparing and contrasting. We also took our crayons out with us and made rubbings. It amazes me how much they love doing this every time we do it... never gets old for them seeing the smallest details appear 'magically' on their page, and it never gets old for me to see their excitement.

I'd love for you to share what kinds of activities you are doing as fall is upon us~ I can never have too many ideas! Happy Thursday!

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  1. Leaf hunting is grand.
    I remember having to collect bugs for class and I would get so mad cause nobody in my family would help me and it seemed like an overwhelming task.


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