Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Love

Welcome, Friday! This week has been crazy, and truthfully, I'm glad it's nearing its end. But there have been moments of pure awesomeness, and today was a fine example:

~Meet Leo. At first sight Remy was horrified with the chance meeting of our new caterpillar friend on the back porch. He calls me over screaming 'Gross, you have to see this!'. Just for your information, this is something I NEVER like to hear. I come closer to see this sweet, fuzzy little creature, and I tell Remy and Halle that he's just a caterpillar. Upon discovering how not gross this is, he promptly receives a name and a story. That's just the way we do things around here...

So Leo must be travelling home from work. He is a pretty fast moving caterpillar, and so that must mean that he is excited to see his family. The wee ones put things in his path to see his reaction (I know, not nice to do to a guy who's excited to see his family, but whatever...). Most amazing is that little Leo thinks that Remy 'smells like his family' and crawls up his arm to find them. We build Leo tunnels with leaves, a tee pee out of sticks, and Halle makes a salad from grass.

After playing for a while it is our lunch time, and Leo is left outside to continue his long journey home. We eat our lunch of mostly finger foods. Lunch is cleaned up, and I realize that the kids never washed their hands. So hopefully Leo was as harmless a little guy as I thought and we don't get some sort of weird caterpillar virus. (I am a hypochondriac and will be googling that on another screen as I'm finishing this post. Just so you know...)

So far, so good...  I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh, I love this story! Don't you love hearing the inner-workings of our kids' minds?! SA-WEET!


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