Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

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{one} We had a nice, fairly relaxing weekend... Saturday was a banner day for us: we had NO plans! Yeah, you can be jealous~ No practices, parties, meetings. We spent the morning at home and then ran some easy errands in the afternoon, and it was lovely!

{two} Along with lazing around quite a bit, I did manage to finish up a few projects for the shop and upcoming craft shows. One was this play/pajama set that Halle is wearing. (In our house, clothes that look & feel like pjs are definitely a bonus!) I may be the only shop online where one of the product photos has a child inside a box, but I'm okay with that... I was excited to try applique on my new machine, and it worked like a dream. These little sets can be found in the 2 sweet things shop here. I also sewed up some delicious little tutus. Something about working with tulle makes the princess in me very happy.

{three} The girls wore their dresses to Homecoming on Saturday evening, and I didn't get one picture that turned out well enough to put up. I'm waiting to see some on Facebook, and I'll try to post later this week. I am so happy with how they turned out and thankful that they liked the finished products. (I know how picky I was in high school!)

{four} Trace is off to Chicago today for the second time in a week to look at a car. He is not thrilled with our 'one car family' arrangement and is hoping to find the car of his dreams.  Fingers crossed!

{five} I made these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies yet again, and they continue to be the most amazing cookies ever. Seriously, and I'm kind of a cookie expert. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned them before, but I am floored every time I make them at how good they are. Something about the honey (my guess) makes the texture light and perfect. You should absolutely try them right now.

Hope your Monday is perfect! xo


  1. EXCITED about the pjs! Too cute! Can't wait to hop over to the shop and see all your cute new things. Though Mike won't like it one bit. ;) Good luck on the car hunting. Hope you get one! And the cookies.... You just keep flaunting them so I simply have to make them. What diet?!

  2. Those cookies sound fabulous!! Anything with peanut butter and chocolate. :)

    Have a great Tuesday -- but I enjoyed your Miscellany Monday


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