Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh, the Dresses!

So something strange happened to my pictures from Saturday, but as promised, pictures of the Homecoming dresses I was working on.  Fortunately these girls post everything to facebook, and I snagged a few. They all wanted to match and chose Simplicity pattern 2440, view E, which is a knee length dress with one strap and bubble hem. Cute stuff! They each chose a different color combination and fabric, which proved to be the most tricky aspect as I've not worked with much special occasion fabric. (Most parents of toddlers don't pick satin for their little ones!)
Front view (I didn't make the cute blue dress second from the left)

Back view, sashes

I do think I would do this again, though I'd love to have more time so I'm not pulling my hair out at the end! On Wednesday of last week one of the girls came over to try on her dress (the blue satin), which was completely finished, and it was way too big. Like no-other-way-to-fix-this-than-ripping-out-the-zipper too big. So I had to carefully take out each stitch and completely rebuild the dress. Thankfully it fit the second time around (after almost 6 hours of alterations!)!  The girls looked great, each bringing their own personality to the same style~ it's definitely 'the girl that makes the clothes', as my sweet grandpa would say!

Until next time! xo


  1. wow! i am impressed! the girls look great and the dresses came out very fun. :)

  2. ur SO right - the GIRL makes the dress!

    PS - come on by - my first GIVE-AWAY is going on - $45 worth of goodiness!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. wow! they look fantastic!!! L:D
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  4. The dresses are beautiful. You are very talented. I can't sew a button to save my life!

  5. Handy Mandy you did amazing! Thanks so much! (:


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