Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My New Baby

Yesterday was not my favorite. Well, at least it started that way.  I woke up with a sore throat, the same one that several of the youth girls have been passing around. We kept it pretty simple in the morning, staying home and taking it easy. During nap time, I was trying to catch up on a few orders, and my sewing machine broke. Not just jammed up or anything~ Broken with a dead motor.

Horrified because I have too much to do, as soon as Trace got home I took my sick machine to the repair shop. Upon assessment, they told me that it would be more to fix than my poor machine was worth. In truth, my sweet machine just wasn't built for the kind of every day sewing that I do. So (and here's where my day got exciting!) it was time for an upgrade... and it's a big one! (You can see the specs here, if you're interested in that sort of thing...)
Suddenly, later in the evening, I was feeling better and even felt up to making muffins! =) What better way to welcome a new toy into the family?!

I'm still in the process of reading her manual, so all I have done are the basics at this point, but she is amazing! Can't wait to see what flies off the machine today!!  I'll be back for We Scout Wednesday later... xo


  1. Mandy, loving your new site! Beautiful!!
    Hope you have fun with your new sewing machine!!

  2. This is the same way I got my new (then) Husqvarna Viking machine! Don't you just love when an old one breaks and gives you an excuse to upgrade!?!

  3. She's a beauty! Does she have a name? ;) Hope you have fun getting to know her!


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