Monday, September 20, 2010

Miscellany Monday~ Second Verse, Same as the First

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Well, it's Monday again (how does that always happen?!), and I feel like this post may be the same as last week. Thanks for reliving the insanity...

{one} Busy. Thankfully the homecoming dresses have to be finished by this weekend, so I can get this off my to-do list. They have turned out just perfect, and I'll have pictures after the girls get all dolled-up this weekend~ Can't wait! I just have one strap to finish today and a matching tie (this was a last minute add to the list...) to wrap up, and then I can breathe a bit.

{two} I am no longer a soccer mom. We are quitters... At Wednesday's practice, Remy kicked the ball once and told his coach that he needed a break. Seriously, ONCE. I took this as an opportunity to reassess our choice, and we decided to make a clean break. He's just not into it and told me that he wasn't going to do his best. Hmm. My dreams of the vinyl soccer ball cling on the minivan came crashing down. (Just kidding, I am actually thankful to free up an evening and Saturday mornings each week...)

{three} Eating. I have been using my mom's mini-muffin pan a ton. Like every day. And banana-nut is on the menu today. This is really my new most favorite thing in the world. Everyone needs some muffins, right?!

{four} Sore. We went back to the gym this morning after a few weeks off. And I am certain that I will be sore tomorrow. I have been quite annoyed with myself, as I have undone some of the hard work and hours I put in at the gym this summer. I am determined to get back on track, and today was the day. Isn't it funny how you forget how good you feel after a workout? I stop going one day and it snowballs into a few weeks, and I have a million excuses as to why I can't go... but it feels so good to get back at it. And to watch cable. (Have I mentioned before that I love that the gym has cable?)

{five} Sad. So I watch soap operas. Not a revelation, I know, but I like the noise during nap time, and some of these people have literally been around my whole life. So on Friday when As The World Turns aired its final episode, I must admit I was a bit teary. I know I will survive, but I'm not sure my granny will! 

Okay, I think that's enough for this morning. We have a mountain of laundry to tackle and errands to run, all before getting Remy to school at 12:30... Yikes!


  1. I can't wait to see how the homecoming dresses turned out. My kids were never into sports. I refused to have some other mom drive them to all of their events while I worked. Now, they are all involved in leading worship and singing on worship teams! I am going to be making some mini Pumpkin, Chocolate Chip muffins today! I use to watch soaps all of the time with my grandma when I was younger. There are going to be so many out of work now that they are all off the air.

  2. So both our soccer mom dreams have ended. How very sad. I know what you mean, though. Nice to have the Saturday mornings back. We haven't decided what we'll try next. But Keegan probably should be involved in something. You could certainly send some muffins this way. I've been dieting like a mad woman and have been eating nothing with sugar in it - or oils. So muffins would be most welcomed. ;) Actually don't, I'll eat every last one of them.


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