Wednesday, September 29, 2010

on being 30

So maybe I overreacted a bit... my birthday was two weeks ago, and I just wanted it to pass quickly. Silently. So I forbid everyone I knew from mentioning it. My own children didn't even know it was my birthday. I deleted the date from my facebook profile and deleted messages on my wall from the few who didn't get the memo. My plan was perfect, and the day passed in quiet bliss, if only it weren't for those crazy youth girls. (I sound a bit like the villains on Scooby Doo, don't I?!) The girls gave me flowers, in front of one of their moms (who happens to be our senior pastor's wife), so the day ended with a tiny party with good friends and icing, er, I mean cake. Ah, who am I kidding?! We all know it's all about the icing.
Cupcake Print by Tulip Photographic Art

Anyway, I was thinking about how truly lovely it was that it passed the way it did. I needed that day, thirty, to be mine. I know God loves me. I know my family loves me. But I share everything. And while I love celebrating every moment of the birthdays of the ones around me, I just wanted it to be mine.

In truth I'm not that worked up over being thirty. I'm not having a mid-life crisis or anything, though I did get my lip pierced this weekend. (Hi, mom... oh, I didn't tell you about that tiny thing just yet? Have to see if you're reading! I'll anticipate your phone call tonight...) I surround myself with people I love and who keep me young, even when I resist to some degree. This truly is only a baby step in my becoming who God wants me to be~ this is just the beginning, right?!


  1. Well, happy belated birthday! And I want a picture of the lip piercing! ASAP!

  2. I usually don't like celebrating my birthday but my husband has helped me realize its the day you give glory to God for life.

    30 is the new 20 girl! Hope it was a fabulous birthday!!

  3. you are just presh! sorry i haven't been by in so long... my internet time is so little these days! i love love love the new blog design... hannah is amazing, isn't she?! i mean, i really LOVE it! happy belated 30th! i like birthday's that are low key and quiet, too. : ) may God bless this next year!

  4. Happy Birthday! I think it's the idea of getting older that bothers me the most.
    My bday was just the other day and I had an ephiphany...39 doesn't feel any different than 40.


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