Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apple Orchard

Yesterday morning started a bit rocky. I want 'ideal'. I start my days with visions of gorgeous fall weather, well-groomed children with fall colored matching outfits, and a beautiful picture session playing at the apple orchard. Picturesque from every angle... perfect weather, perfect smiles and loads of shots to choose from for holiday greetings.  What I had was two children who were fighting by 8 am. One wild-haired girl who refused a brush or barrettes. One boy who refused to wear anything but warm-ups and mismatched, striped socks. My super-slow camera that is held together by a hair tie that didn't work for a while (turns out I had the batteries in the wrong way...). Far from a movie scene, and these will certainly NOT be our holiday pictures! I suppose God uses these times to teach me about being satisfied with what I have... Few, if any, people have those movie star photo days, right?!

We did venture to the local (well, if you consider a 40 minute drive local...) apple orchard. It was a bit chilly but overall a great mismatched and uncombed time was had by all. 
We had to constantly tell Halle not to hug the goats!

Remy was certain that this one 'wanted to come to our house'.

Pirate Remy


  1. Fabulous pictures from your trip to the Orchard! We just went last Friday and I was stuck with my camera phone -- so half of my pics were distorted.

    I can guarantee you -- my boys would have been all over the pirate stuff. :)

  2. The kids look like they didn't notice any less than ideal moments! Great photos!

  3. LOL - don't hug the goats, Halle. Looks like you had a great time! Sweet pics!!!

  4. the photos you did get look fab to me! i never would have guessed it was anything less than "ideal" :)


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