Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playing Dress Up

In my never-ending quest of becoming the well-rounded housewife, I have added a new category to the blog that I call 'House-Wifery'. I've recently become enamored with the day dresses from the 50s. (Okay, some might be from different eras... I'm no expert!) Now that I've mastered the chocolate chip cookies, I think it's time to work on my wardrobe. I find it funny how dressing up can change my mindset~ Maybe this housewife should show my legs a bit!  With fall in the air  I am loving plaids right now, though admittedly I'm tentative to wear such bold all-over patterns. But I do love these dresses and hope to put my fears aside. Here are a few of my favorite etsy picks:
Ande Monster Vintage

Jess James Jake

Crafty Crow Vintage

Qs Daydream 
To Hell in a Handbag 
Dear Golden Vintage
 Wouldn't I be just like Lucy, especially in that last one?!


  1. Yes, girl.... that last one SCREAMS 50s. But I'm diggin' it. I would totally rock these. I love the first, Qs Daydream and the last. I'm feelin' ya.

  2. Ack! Great collection! Thanks so much for sharing these, and for including my little cotton housewife dress! xo, jess

  3. ooohhh... I love the 4th one down (but don't know how I'd look with a belt on this waist of mine). Super cute dresses! and I love the style of the 50's, I always say that I should have been a wife/mother during that time.

  4. I love that last one! Heading over to Etsy!


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