Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ten Things I Believe


{one} I believe that Jesus meant what he said.

{two} I believe that 'Love your enemies' does not mean guns or fighting or killing.

{three} I believe that 30 is going to be my best year ever.

{four} I believe that my littles have the most glorious laughs.

{five} I believe that sometimes cookies do make everything better.

{six} I believe that sometimes cheesecake is a need and not a want.

{seven} I believe that my husband must be some kind of man to tolerate me.

{eight} I believe flip flops go with everything.

{nine} I believe peanut butter sandwiches do not go with a steak dinner. (You'll have to ask Trace about that one...)

{ten} I believe that I need to act like I believe number one. every day.

What do you believe? If you want, make a list of your own and leave it or link it in the comments!


  1. i just love your list! especially 1 and 10.

    i believe that converse go with anything. i believe that jeans are perfect for church. i believe that my kids are awesome. i believe my hubs is truly handsome and wonderful (on most days). i believe that fabric is fabulous.


  2. ooohhh.... I agree with the commenter above... Converse DO go with anything!

    I believe that God is a patient God and I try to remember that as I seek Him

    I believe that eating foods I enjoy is more important than being that "perfect weight"

    I believe that everyone is where they are in their lives for a specific purpose.

    I believe that my children are incredibly creative & amazing

    I believe that my husband and I were created specifically for each other

    I believe that this blog of yours rocks! ;o)


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