Thursday, October 7, 2010


There have been many instances since I began sewing a zillion years ago that I have attempted to make something for me to wear. And I believe that until this weekend, each trial has been a miserable one and I have never been happy with anything I've made. I have been on a mission to change this! So a few weeks ago, I made this great tunic for someone else and it turned out so cute that I decided to give it a try for myself. It's the Schoolhouse Tunic from Meg at Sew Liberated. The pattern is super easy to read and put together, and my tunic came together in probably just about 2 hours (it's hard to judge the time because I start and stop a lot due to the demands of my sweet things). The fabric is from a sheet set that I found on clearance a few weeks ago. I didn't change the pattern one bit, but I did add a navy blue sash, just to add a little definition to my waist.

I wore this to church with some straight jeans and ballet flats. It's a super kid-friendly outfit, I might add~ I ran and danced all over!  Maybe someday I'll be one of those cute 'What I Wore Today' bloggers... but for today all I've got is this blurry cell phone shot. You get the idea...

Oh, and as you know I've been on the hunt for some brown boots. Over the weekend I ordered this pair from Ruche. Why had I never heard of this site before?! Sooooo excited to get them this week~ Yippee!


  1. Okay, LOVE this! I might need one. Did you wear a tank top underneath? And the boots are way cool. I need a pair myself but for some reason, I never get into shoes. I just made myself order a pair of black casual shoes because I was tired of complaining about not having the right shoes.

  2. super cute tunic AND boots! my goal this weekend is to find a pair of boots that i love. believe it or not, i have never owned a pair!


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