Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He Sees.

Some days I struggle to see God. Not because life is terrible, but rather the opposite. Life is comfortable, and I don't need Him like I do on really rough days.

Some days I don't know what to read in my Bible.

On rough days I just want my mom. Just to talk. Just to sit down and laugh while my kids act silly. Just because when she's here I'm not the Mama Hen. And I can breathe.

And then I read a post like this one from Amanda at Visiting Orphans.

And I am shaken back into the uncomfortable place that I always hope to be in. The place God wants me.

Strong God Who Sees.  And thankfully He doesn't look away when I walk in the wrong direction. And His love covers all the sweet little ones who have been abandoned. His gaze holds on the ones who have been forgotten.

And His Spirit living in me prompts me to love. And to become more like Jesus. And He reminds me of the things in my life that separate me from Him. And I pray that at the end of each day I only want my Father. Because He is teaching me to see Him.

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  1. Beautifully said. Its tough when you go through times when you can't seem to grasp God around you or hear him in prayer, but He is the only constant friend in our lives who will never go anywhere and sees all things:)


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