Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Believe in Miracles

I'm so excited to be blogging with Hearts at Home today! Hearts at Home is a wonderful organization for moms, and I'm thrilled to be blogging along-side them for the first Third Thursday Blog Hop. You should definitely check out their site if you aren't familiar with H@H... I have been so blessed by the wealth of resources and support they offer!

Today's question was: Have you experienced any miracles in your life?

I think, had I been asked this question several years ago, I might not have answered with certainty. I absolutely believed that God works miracles, but I think my small mind was on the lookout for grandiose things- you know, pillars of smoke and parting waters.... But what I am discovering as I live out these days with my sweet little ones and family and friends is that there are miracles all around us. And God is doing things, big and small, that can only be accredited to Him. And the thing is that some of the tiniest things are, to me, the most miraculous!!

In an effort to change my attitude and cultivate an attitude of everyday gratefulness in our home, I am trying to note the miraculous everywhere. While pulling a splinter out of Remy's finger this morning, I noticed his tiny fingerprint. The thought that God intricately printed my boy with tiny creases on his fingers that are like no others on earth?! That is amazing!

And while brushing the soft ringlets in Halle's hair, I can't help but think that God knows their number. Those same curls that seem to get so tangled and take forever to comb out (and admittedly don't get combed out on crazy days!) have been counted by our Maker.

I love knowing that He hears our hearts! Several weeks ago as our Fusion group met, I received a text that one couple wasn't going to make it because their 9 year old, Faith, had a 104 temp and splitting headache. They were on their way to the ER. Our group stopped the study and began to pray. Later that night I received an update that just when we were praying, Faith's fever immediately dropped to 99 and her headache went away. They didn't even have need to go to the ER. God is good and is faithful to answer! I'm just pretty sure I haven't been looking for the things that were right in front of me all along!

So what about you? Have you witnessed any miracles in your life? In what ways do you see God working around you? I have found that as I have been keeping my eyes open to see Him, they are everywhere. I would love to hear your stories and for you to link up! (I've never tried one of these hops, so we'll see how it goes... we all know I'm a bit technologically-impaired...)

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  1. Those tiny fingerprints and numbered hairs are definitely high on my list of miracles! Even when my girlie is complaining and fussing when I try to comb out all of those tangled hairs. How DOES God count them all?!

  2. What a precious post. I am constantly amazed at the "little" blessings God's fills our days with, and cannot help but be so thankful He shows us the "big" ones, too.

    (Catching up on reading from the HAH Blog Link Up.) :)

  3. Thanks for the reminder of the "small" miracles that surround us daily - I know I'm guilty of often taking His mercies for granted, but when I stop and actually think of all He's done for us I am absolutely flabbergasted...


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