Monday, May 30, 2011


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Hope y'all are having a great Monday!! I am linking up a bit late, but the day of doing nothing turned into loads of fun stuff packed in, and I'm just now getting a chance to sit and think. We took the little people to see Kung Fu Panda 2 this morning~ so cute and I made it nearly to the end before crying! It has a sweet adoption story woven in that I wasn't quite expecting...

~We are at the two month countdown to Halle's birthday. (Actually 2 months from Wednesday, if we're being precise...) We are running with the Rapunzel theme, and I cannot wait. I absolutely love parties, and princess parties may be my most favorite! Let the planning begin!

~Last week was a week of experimental recipes. I tried this Italian Beef and this Lasagna, both in the crock pot. I love using it, but feel like I don't have enough to try in it. Both turned out great, and even the littles ate them. This week I'm gearing up for a trip, Trace is going on a different trip, and my in-laws will be arriving, so I don't think I'll be experimenting too much in the next few days. Thankfully my littles have low standards~ they don't seem to have the same momma-grading scale that I use on myself. On the days I'd give myself a big fat 'F', they act like PB&J is a gourmet meal!

~Our garage sale was a bust this weekend. The weather was iffy but not terrible, so I really have nothing to blame... Friday was better, but on Saturday we saw absolutely no one! It was weird, and I was almost beginning to wonder if Harold Camping had been just a few days off in his timeline. We'll try again soon!

~The days have begun when we are outside a ton.  I don't particularly like to sweat... in fact, I hate it. But at this point, remembering the amazing things I got into when I was little outweighs my discomfort. We were out from the time the sun came up until time for bed, with only bathroom breaks and meals to keep us in. I want those things for the littles... so I sweat it out (and sometimes watch from inside my cool kitchen, I must admit). But they blissfully pass out in their little beds after a day of adventures. I totally love that!

So how are you kicking off summer? We went to two cookouts this weekend, and we got a grill~ super excited to have cookouts of our own!

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