Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tea Party!

So I am no photographer (not news to you, I know!), but I like to think I know how to party! I have such great memories of fancy teas with my mom and friends that she included, so I decided to gather a few of my girlies together on Saturday for a tea party of our own. We get so little time to just hang out without little ones, husbands, agendas, etc, and it was wonderful just to sit and chat for a bit. I was really hoping to have things set up out on our patio, but the sky that had been threatening rain all week decided to open up on Friday night and continue on all day Saturday. Thankfully I had reserved the church just-in-case, and it all came together!

~The Menu:
Chocolate Cake Balls
Sweet Scones with Peach Butter
Cucumber Sandwiches
Lemon Pound Cake
Berry Tarts with Mascarpone and Fresh Whipped Cream
and of course, TEA!

*PS, I've decided to try the disqus format for commenting. I think it's just a nicer way to keep the conversation going... hopefully it's an easy transition! Thanks so much for your awesome feedback!

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