Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This is my beautiful Halle. And if you follow me on Facebook or twitter, you know a bit about her. She is something. No words can quite encompass all that is this sweet and perfect gift. So I document the things she does, as she does them. Because no one would believe me otherwise. 
~This most recent picture is her saying "I'm not going to school ever never." because she has to use the potty if she wants to go to school. Literally an hour later she decides to use the potty before bed. Just to mess with me.

~Yesterday she tells me I'm not her best friend. I replied that 'I don't have to be your best friend. I am your mommy'. So she then asks 'Where do I go to make you not my mommy?'. Most almost-three year olds would say 'Then you're not my mommy', but not my girl... she realizes there will be paperwork involved.

~Also yesterday, when given the choice to be kind or go to her room for timeout, she says "I will choose to be kind, but only because you are making me. It's not like I want to."

~Last week as I tucked her in, she whispers in my ear "Do you know who loves you more than me? Only Jesus." That might have been the sweetest thing ever. And I may have teared up a little.

~She asks why I drink coffee if I don't like to cough.

~She also closes her eyes when she sings so she can 'sing to Jesus like mommy and daddy'.

~She calls 'dessert' 'DeZurg' because of the villain on Toy Story 1 and thinks that every other meal is called breakfast. She repeatedly asks during the day if we've already had breakfast, and some days I begin to doubt whether or not I actually fed them!

~She always needs to know if things are boys or girls and then insists on calling them 'he' because she 'likes it better'.

Just a few Halle-isms to commemorate almost-three... We love this Curly Girly of ours to pieces!!

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