Monday, July 18, 2011


I wake up some mornings and just feel like the tiniest, insignificant stone.

We're all rubble, aren't we? Broken. Some of us smooth and some rough. Some large and some small. But all pieces of things that used to be something else. Some even blown to pieces that are nearly dust, but they survive. Different. But therein lies the miracle~ that God can take all these mismatched bits of other things and build. His Kingdom.

For the past several Sundays, our pastor has been teaching a series about vision. We have been planted in Nehemiah, and the story of the Israelites rebuilding the wall is rich with lessons. But this week he said something that deeply snagged my attention: Archaeologists have said that the wall was 'just a gathering of rubble'. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of years since that wall was built, and it remains. Lasting. A gathering of rubble. And that is what we are!
Remnant of Nehemiah's wall

We come from different places and bring different baggage. We were formerly something, someone else. And in choosing Christ, we abandon the things that we used to be and the old ways that accompanied them, and we walk forward. Perhaps shattered, but together we can become again. Something. This is an amazing picture of the Body of Christ, isn't it? This morning I am so thankful that I am allowed to be a piece. Only a small, insignificant stone in a great big wall... but this wall protects and secures. And I am thankful for each blow that got me to this place, even the painful ones. Because He builds.

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