Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, we survived the weekend... Today is the actual day of my Curly Girly's birth, and to celebrate we are going to the local water park. She insists that she already had a birthday, and today isn't it. When you're three and can't tell one day from the next it doesn't matter, I guess. Soon she will learn the value of claiming a vast blanket of time as your birthday week/month. So many things to teach her...
She was not thrilled with the singing...

Her party on Saturday was filled with much chaos, fun and love. Everyone brought gifts, even though we begged them not to, and having a Rapunzel party means that every present has scads of long blond hair. I have gotten a second job now as chief hair brusher/braider. Like so many parties before, I didn't get nearly enough pictures, but here are a couple from my phone.
Finished the cake just in time... and warned everyone that if they found a hair in their piece, it was most definitely Rapunzel's and NOT mine!
Some of the decorations. I had these braids all around the mailbox, windows, and as a table runner.
I'll try to post some more pictures of the food and games. I'm still trying to figure out what I actually took pictures of and what I forgot. In the craziness of 35 people in our living room, many of them being kids, I just find myself a little too crazy to think straight! Hope y'all have a great Monday!!

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