Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Just a few thoughts from my quiet time this afternoon (aka my few minutes alone while baking in the kitchen). I find myself barefoot all the time. It's not unusual, just how we go about our days. When we're home, shoes are left at the door. Almost immediately~ like when the littles walk in first, you trip over their shoes as your barely inside the door.

And I was thinking about this and the whole 'holy ground' thing. The Lord told Moses that the ground where he was, where the Lord had been, was holy. And He commanded Moses to take off his sandals. And this stained carpet upon which I do life is flooded with holy. My toes can sink into the spaces that God has been. He walks before me, behind me, fills in the space I breath around me. What if I approach these sacred quiet moments as holy moments before God? A God that deserves my recognizing that the ground I'm on is holy. That He is molding me and changing my heart and making me more like Him. Like breathing? Every moment of this day is imprinted with the righteousness and awesomeness of God, like the mug I'm washing is stained with my coffee.

And I beg God to open my eyes to these holy-stained seconds that slip through my fingers. Am I stained? Is there a mark around my life that is looking more and more like the One He's pouring into this vessel?

Back soon, sweet friends, life is slipping by too quickly!

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