Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely Monday

Happy Monday, sweet things! I hope y'all are having a great extended weekend! Our days have been full of bunches of friends who are family, and as I publish this morning, Trace is making his famous french toast for a bunch of folks at church. He learned his recipe and technique from the one and only PeeWee Herman (I'm totally not kidding!!), and it's the best ever! This week is also a big one because this little Peach starts preschool tomorrow and dance on Wednesday. Big days ahead!!

I've been thinking, praying, dreaming a lot lately about the church actually being the Church. And the cool thing is that I've been seeing it happen. Living out the words of Jesus like He meant what he said... seeing friends, old and new, be doers of the word. We are living in an exciting time! For years I've read the words in Acts 2 about the followers of 'The Way' living in community. They shared with, cared for, and loved on each other, and I feel like we're seeing some of that come alive in our local community. God is so good!

I just want y'all to hear that and hopefully be encouraged. I know that many of you pray for my family and the goings-on here in our little piece of the world, and I cannot thank you enough. I love being able to share with you that He is indeed living and active and working. Y'all are such a part of this work~ we get to share in kingdom stuff, sweet friends! So happy Monday~ Praying mounds of blessings for each of you as you go about your day!

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