Friday, September 9, 2011

The unfailing love of God.

We're teaching a new song as a worship band on Sunday, and I've been practicing non-stop. The line 'Your love never fails' has been echoing in my mind... it's amazing, isn't it?! And Romans tells us that nothing can separate us from His love. That's pretty big.  I fail. I let people down. Even the ones in my life that I care about most deeply... my love fails where my humanity begins. But His perfect, unending love picks up right where mine ends. Only this remains.

I'm thanking him as we head into another packed weekend. The littles are crazy excited because we're going to Chuck E. Cheese tonight. Trace and I are not so excited, but we're both glad that it was incentive enough to finish up the potty-training! Then the littles are having a sleepover together in Halle's room. I am loving these days when they still like to hang together... I'm sure someday I will look back and wonder what happened. It can all change in a second, can't it?!

Saturday I'm planning on making a giant pot of Taco Soup and eating until I pop. Okay, not really, but soup really is my most favorite thing on a long list of things that I love about fall. This cooler weather is so amazing!!

And Sunday marks the fall kickoff of all the ministries at our church, most notably Veritas, the youth ministry. We will be kicking off in style with Yuck Night, which is exactly as it sounds~ a night full of all things messy and vomit-inducing. Eating challenges like 'Happy Meal Milkshake', in which an entire Happy Meal including the drink was put into my blender (yeah, I wasn't so happy about that last time...), mixed and then drank/chewed by a couple of willing teenage boys. This is not for the faint of heart or stomach, friends, but the students love it. Would love y'all to pray with us that there is a huge turnout and that these young people see Jesus amidst the chaos.

So what do y'all have planned for the weekend? I'm desperately trying to get back into a blogging rhythm now that Halle has started school and we're finding a schedule.. We'll see you next week!

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