Friday, September 16, 2011

New Things Abound!

I'm super excited to tell y'all that I've been brewing something behind these scenes for quite some time. You know if you've been around here for a while that mommas are heavy on my heart, and Hearts at Home is an organization that I love. Not just love in a 'went to the conference and it was good' kind of way, though I did and it was... Love, like I am so inspired by their ministry toward strengthening moms and building up families kind of way.

Shortly after I attended my first conference last March I knew that I wanted to be involved more. So I began to pray. I contacted them and have been in touch since the spring, just committed to praying about ways that I might be able to work with them. And now things are becoming clearer. These girls, Jill Savage and the team of Spirit-led women that she has on staff, are amazing! I am thrilled that I'm going to be able to be on their volunteer staff going forward. I am going to be working with the Marketing team in a few different capacities. For one I will be the Social Media Coordinator, a part of the army behind the Hearts Facebook and twitter feeds. So hop on over and say hello, even 'like' us if you can! I will also be involved in Hearts blogging, including the Blog Hop that I have been connecting with over the summer. I would love for y'all to join in~ I'll let you know when it gets back up and going!

The other part of what I will be doing is coordinating the Go-To Girls, which is pretty much a sweet name for mommas all over the country who are as excited as I am about what Hearts is doing and want to go out and tell everyone about it. These are the girls that get 'insider' info about the conferences, upcoming projects, etc. This is a pretty new area, and I'm excited to see what develops!

I am feeling very blessed that things are working out as they are... God's timing has been evident for me as I've been sorting through all the 'should I' and 'could I' thoughts.  Now I'm leaping in with both feet because I feel Him directing that way~ Ready to make a splash!!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! We are having our first service of baptisms at our church, and we are baptizing 5 adults~ I cannot even begin to type how excited I am!! God is so good!

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