Thursday, December 15, 2011

Third Thursday Again?!

Hi, lovely ones! I promise that I'm still alive~ I'm just so busy living that I don't even have time to write about living... Life creates material for this wonderful space, but without the life itself, I'd have nothing to say. It's a crazy cycle~ live to blog or blog to live? Y'all are wonderfully patient with me, and I'm so thankful for you. I really do have much to say and hope to get back to a writing rhythym soon...

But in the meantime, it's the Third Thursday again, and that means that I'm hopping in with other Hearts at Home bloggers today. I really didn't even realize that it was the 3rd Thursday until Monday when panic suddenly hit that I needed to send out the info for this hop. I'm seriously drowning here with so much going on!!

Today we are blogging about the moment we realized we weren't alone in 'this thing called Motherhood'. And let me just start by saying I have had many, MANY lonely days... Especially when we were first in Nashville. Remy was almost 1 when we moved, and Trace was on the road with the band a lot. If he wasn't on the road, the guys were rehearsing or recording or he was working his construction job to pay the bills. All that was wonderful and social for him, but it meant that I was home with a baby in a place where I had few connections and we hadn't found a church that we felt connected with. Those were pretty dark days.

Then one day while out running errands, I saw a billboard for an online communtiy for Nashville moms. It seemed like a pretty easy way for me to investigate~ being online, I could hide in the 'shadows' and not actually have to put myself out there while searching to see what was happening in the community around me. I created an account on the site but had every intention of just being a 'lurker' (for those of you who might not know, a lurker is someone who frequently reads a site but doesn't comment or participate...). The more I was on the site, the more I felt like I wasn't alone. There were tons of stay at home moms like me who needed to get out. Who felt exhausted. Who were wondering if they were alone. Who needed community.

I became more active on the site and actually took the next step to join a playgroup. Through that group I met a kindred spirit, my friend Courtney (you can check out her lovely blog space here). It was one of those God-orchestrated connections~ Courtney and I made an instant connection. We had boys the same age, a similar passion for God, about a zillion other things in common. Have you had friends like that? That you meet someone who it seems like you have known forever? And it was through our time hanging out that summer that I realized that God had a greater plan for me. That God had placed me in Tennessee at that time for a reason, and also that He didn't intend for me to be alone as I walked out the journey He had/has for me as a mom. And even since then, Courtney and I have been separated by miles and life has taken us different directions, but she still is such a big part of my journey and will always be a sister. I'm so thankful for her!

So have you ever felt like you were doing this alone? Did God show you that He desires more for you? You can link up with me and other Hearts bloggers by adding your post to the hop!

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