Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Because Community is Hard to Find

I have found that in the last few years I have been extremely encouraged and challenged alike by many people, blogs, and things found through online communities. And it sounds weird to 'real life' friends. And sometimes people think I'm crazy when I say an 'online friend' or 'blogger'... but there have been some amazing things in my life that have come from these connections.

One source that I go to daily for encouragement and community is (in)courage. Have you heard of them? I'm pretty sure I've mentioned them before, but in case you missed it, you should check out the link. And I'm super excited because they are hosting a first-of-its-kind sort of un-conference in April called (in)RL, bringing the beach house to communities all over the country for community and connection~ (in)courage in Real Life.  You can see more about the why behind the conference in the video below. I've already signed up to participate locally here in IL, but if you're not local to me, there are dozens of places around that you can find to connect. Hope you'll join me at the beach house!!

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