Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out Loud

Write It, Girl is having a contest and giving away one ticket to the Allume Social Conference. And I'm dying to go... So to enter, they asked 'What does it mean to be a Write It, Girl?'.

 It's funny because in answering the question posed, I feel a bit like I'm in a pageant or something... I've been linking up with them on Tuesdays, but it's been with much trepidation. I feel like God says a lot of things about me. He calls me a lot of things: Beloved, Child, Heir, Daughter... But I've always had trouble believing any of them. And one He's recently been asking me to grab and hold on to is writer. Me? I've written volumes of journals and poems, letters and notes, to-do lists and dreams...  So I'm saying it out loud, I guess.  Calling myself a 'Write It Girl' means that I am a writer. Even if I write for only one. ~Praying that I always only write for The One, the True Author and Creator!

I have also loved jumping into and getting to know the Write It, Girl community. Such an inspiring group of others, all challenging and equipping each other in their faith, writing, lives... I'm not even quite sure how I stumbled upon the site, but I'm so thankful I did!

Happy Tuesday! I'll be back in a bit with the Better Writer's Challenge for today!

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