Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Random-ness

We had a pretty good weekend with only one minor setback. (I say minor, but I think if you asked Trace about changing our dead car battery in our apartment parking lot he might call it something else.) The weather was wonderful!

If you want a picture of the 'Curly Girly' these days, chances are she'll be eating. She is VERY serious about her snacks, and usually isn't far from her snack trap (which, in my opinion is one of the most fantastic inventions for children!! This is our favorite.).

Saturday morning:

Sunday afternoon:

Here's Remy doing some sort of pose for the camera. I think he looks like a ninja or something...?

I also had my first custom order from etsy this weekend. These shoes with a matching bib and burp cloth turned out so cute! I think I may have enough of the fabrics left to make a few more.

This is a dress that I've been working on. I sort of folded on the ruffles for the front, and it turned out just like I had imagined it, which is always an unexpected bonus. The lighting wasn't great when I took the picture, but you get the idea... It should be in the shop along with several other things later this week.

Hope y'all have a great Monday. I'd better get off of here before Miss Halle's snack cup is empty. =)

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  1. When do you do all these cute things? I can't find time to scrapbook or exercise. Teach me!!!


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