Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What were we thinking!?

We'd like for you to meet Starbucks, the newest member of our family. No, we didn't give him that name~ it is practically against our religion as lovers of real coffee and a lover of 'the little guy' and small businesses, but that's the name the shelter gave him, and Remy refuses to let us change it. So Starbucks it is. (And apparently I was going for the longest run-on sentence in blog history?)

We picked him up today, and he's quickly making himself at home. I had forgotten how trying it can be to house-train a dog, but we're doing our best. But I don't have much time, so I should go... a few more pics and then it's off to pick up some messes, I'm sure.


  1. Very cute little guy! Good luck!

  2. He looks so sweet and happy to be the newest member of your family!

  3. Wait till he grows into those ears!! He's a cutie, though!!

  4. Such a cutie! I can see how he won your hearts.

  5. He is great! Good Luck and have fun!!


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