Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Welcome to Illinois, Land of the Spider. Yuck. One of the (okay, admittedly MANY) things that bothers me... These pictures were all taken in less than two minutes right outside our back door. They are everywhere here, and I never fail to awaken at least once a night shuddering... just thinking that one might be on me. I haven't seen any actually crawling on me yet, but that will be a terrible day. Disgusting.

What scares you?


  1. EEK! I'm not a spider fan either, but beetles have to be my biggest fear.

  2. OMG, I think I would run screaming. I am afraid of ants, can you believe it? We have our share of ant issues every year and the thought of them crawling around in my food pantry or in my bed just creeps me out!

  3. Oy! Yucko! I was reading while laying on my bed once and realized that was one not two inches from my head on my pillow next to me! (Spider, that is.)

  4. i am freaked of spiders, and basically most insects. i have major heebee-jeebies looking at these pictures, especially that first pic, yuck!!!!!!!!!!!


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