Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Love~ The Finer Things

Trace is at a denominational conference for a few days, so I've been making a point to enjoy each and every moment of my sweet little people as the Lone Ranger...  Here's a list of some of the things we've been savouring and loving:

~painting my toenails while the wee ones swim in our pool

~wearing temporary tattoos. You can see my lollipop is wearing off a bit, but all of us are tatted up. Remy told one of the sitters at the gym that we're 'hard core'. Nice.

~yesterday in lieu of a nap, Remy chose a movie and we sat snuggled on the couch with a zillion of his stuffed animals and just watched. It was such a sweet time, and he held my hand for nearly an hour.

~for snack after nap time we had Lucky Charms. We may have eaten just the marshmallows out of an entire bowl and fed the brown part to Starbucks... just maybe.

~last night I stayed up later than normal (I'm a 10 o'clock bed time kind of girl...) watching a movie that I thought Trace wouldn't want me to make him sit through. (Turns out it was one he did want to see, but it's the thought that counts, right?!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of people you love! Next week I'm having my own Biggest Loser Week, but I'll fill you in on that Monday! Happy Friday!


  1. I saw this post and thought of you. Seems right up your ally (sewing + creativity+children=Mandy)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Summer is the best. Thanks for sharing the little things that make yours so fun.

  3. What a perfect day! We set out for the pool and met a rainstorm, but we're salvaging the rest of the day! I miss how easy those sweet moments were when they were that little!


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