Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Happy Monday, lovelies! Feel free to click on the graphic above if you want to link up with Carissa for 'Miscellany Monday'. I have tons of random stuff swirling around in this head of mine, so on with the fun!

~I woke up this morning to Celine belting (in my head, of course) "All By Myself". Yesterday marked the beginning of some quiet time in the house for me. Trace took the littles to Indiana to see his parents for 4 whole days! So I am planning on doing a lot of Bible studying and major cleaning and organizing to prepare for an upcoming garage sale while I have the house to myself. (And yes, cleaning and organizing is what I do when I can do anything in the world without the munchkins around!) I tried to start sorting for the sale last week, but with each item I brought out from hiding on the back of a shelf, Remy would say 'I have been looking for that! It's my favorite!'. Needless to say, it will be much easier without them right in the middle of it!

~It's also Biggest Loser Week for me. I have decided that while they are gone, I am going to do my best to blast off as many calories as I can at the gym. I am shooting for two workouts per day, including several Turbo Kick classes, which are my newest addiction. I am hoping to lose 4 pounds this week, but we'll see how that goes... In total I'm down 7- WooHoo!

~Yesterday on the way into church from the van, Halle was singing 'Oh, oh, oh' with great emotion. I asked her what she was singing, and very sternly she looked at me with hands on hips and said 'Umm, Single Ladies'  as though I should have known, and with all the sarcasm of a teenager. I am seriously in trouble with this child!

~It's storming here this morning, and I love waking up to the giant bomb sound of thunder (not really...). Actually I had just gotten up and my sweet Remy called to tell me that PawPaw is going to teach him how to use a big water gun. Great. So happy that he is learning valuable life skills.

Have a great day- I'm off for workout #1 at the gym!


  1. Blessings on your workout!

    I love thunderstorms as well. We just had several this weekend -- including one that dumped 4 inches of rain in a couple of hours.

    Enjoy your week and have a fabulous Monday.


  2. Enjoy your time off! I'm sure you will miss your family but it sounds like you are spending your time well :) Loving your blog!

  3. visiting from misc monday . . . sounds nice to have a little quiet time, enjoy!! it's been so hot here the last couple weeks i'll trade you for some of that rain, please!

  4. Girl, enjoy all that free time! And good luck with the weight loss. Making me feel a bit on the guilty side, you addict.

  5. Enjoy your free time! I love to clean and do things when I have the house to myself! Have fun at the gym too!

    Thanks for sharing your randomness!



  6. Enjoy your time off and good luck on your weight loss. I really wish I was as motivated.

  7. Enjoy your free time....and LOL what your daughter said....funny....Single Ladies is a big hit with the kiddos....LOL

    Summer :0)

  8. Enjoy your solitude over the next few days. I love having my family here, but some days I wish I could be all by myself! I so need to kick some calories but right now, so not motivated. I am not a huge thunderstorm fan. I do enjoy a cool lightening show from time to time.

    Have a great day and accomplish much!

  9. you are going to have some lovely alone time!!! the workout fest sounds super fun! only 5 more weeks and then i can get back to the grind - woo hoo! congrats on the loss poundage! you rock! your gal makes me laugh! too funny! i can't believe you didn't know! ; ) have a lovely week!

  10. your kids sound too cute for words! i love all of the wonderful things my husband's much younger brother says :) so funny! I hope you enjoy your few days of freedom...especially the organizing. I'm right with you there, sister!

  11. enjoy your mommy time. :) your blog is lovely.
    Cole visiting from

  12. Single ladies?! that is too funny!
    I am starting an intense workout program this week too. Good luck!!


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