Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Love~ Guest Post by Abbie of 'Greening Sam and Avery'

Happy Friday, lovelies! My week has taken a turn for the crazy, and I am so thankful to have a guest author here for the day. I'll fill you in on all my insanity soon, I'm sure! Abbie is the author of an amazing blog called 'Greening Sam and Avery' where she shares her journey to help her little ones appreciate the world around them. Every day she shares a green project that she does with her littles and walks out the step-by-step, or the 'nitty gritty', as she calls it. You will love the things she comes up with (like those amazying tree blocks below)! On with the love!!!

Hello 2 sweet things readers!  I am a new reader and Mandy has graciously allowed me to invade her space here as a member of the SITS Hedgehog Tribe.  Super excited to be here and share some of the things that I am loving right now.
We are in love with our tree blocks. My girls have played with them almost every day since we got them and the ideas are endless. 
Fantasy football!  (didn't see that one coming did you? ha!) My husband and I are in a couples league with a bunch of our friends and while I have always been a football fan and willing to sit and watch a game this has taught me much more about the sport, made it even more fun to watch the games and know some of the players and the smack talk between the spouses and friends is hilarious!  We don't live in town with the friends that are in the league anymore but we use to get together on Sunday afternoons for great food and to watch at least one game together.  We have some great memories from those afternoons spent watching the games and chatting with great friends.  Who knew you could bond and have so much fun over Fantasy Football?

Loving pick-your-own farms! We just recently moved to a bigger city and the amount of local farms we have near us is amazing.  We have done so much fresh food picking this spring, summer and fall.  My daughters are in love with every part of the process, including all the great food we are making and eating!

My girls.  Okay, not every day and not every moment of every day (is there a mom out there that doesn't get frustrated every once in a while? I don't think so!) but for the most part I am loving my daughters right now.  They are both in pretty amazing, yet challenging stages (2.5 years old and nine months!) but we have a blast with outings, games, music and just playing with each other at home.  I cherish these days because I know that before I realize it they will both be off to school and not home with me every day.
Thanks so much for letting me share with you all today!  It has been so good to look at life and the things that are really sticking out as "my loves" right now.  Happy Friday everyone!!

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