Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy, Happy Crazy Day

A very Merry Birthday to my Tracey!!!
I'm always at a loss on what to get Trace for his birthday, and this year was no different. But a few months ago (I was seriously starting early because it always seem to come down to the wire...) I had the brilliant idea that I would try to get Brett, Trace's best friend, to come up for his birthday to surprise him. Well, Brett is pretty hard to pin down, and I had been playing email tag for weeks. So imagine my surprise on Monday when I get an email saying 'Friday doesn't work, but how about we leave for your place late tomorrow night to get there Wednesday morning? I'll have 6-7 guys with me.' Umm, okay.

A little back story is that Brett is our friend in Nashville that works extensively with the homeless community through Lambscroft. He lives in a house that he shares with several guys at a time who he is helping get off the streets, through discipleship, finding a job, etc. So the guys he was bringing were the guys who were living with him right now. I, of course, responded with an excited 'YES, please come!!!'. But then the chaos ensued~ where was I going to sleep all these people? (thankfully friends had many sets of bedding and air mattresses) feed everyone? (Hooray for easy breakfast recipes and our favorite WalMart pizza!)

Given the time that they were arriving, I had to tell Trace early about them coming (was there really a way that I could have hidden bedding for 7 extra people?!), but other than that, the day was wonderful! The gang arrived about 5:30 am on Wednesday morning, and it was soooo good. We knew two of the people that Brett brought with him, so we got to reconnect with some friends and make some new ones. It never ceases to amaze me the ministry God works in the lives of those who truly love him. I loved hearing stories of men overcoming addiction, getting through a prison sentence, and discussing parts of the Bible with so many different view points represented.

I think Trace was pretty happy. The day ended with a great birthday cake, which Brett and some of our students promptly smeared on Trace's face. The only thing that wasn't great was that they had to leave Wednesday night to get home on Thursday... the work in that kind of ministry doesn't stand still for very long. So the whirlwind is over, but the effects are lasting. 

Happy Birthday to the funny & sarcastic guy that puts up with my craziness... XO

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