Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Love

This week consisted of a lot of slowing down. It turns out that 'Making Room' translates into a lot of time away from the computer, which is great for me and the littles, but means less posting on this space. (Not that I spent tons of time on here, but as in every area, there's always room to improve...)  I have so much to love!

 This is what happens when I try to get  a nice picture of my wee ones who were snuggling on the couch. One is happy and the other is just goofy... These were also the shots of Halle's first pigtails. I have been begging her, and she finally let me put some in! Don't worry, the curly girl's bangs and shaggy boy's entire mane are getting chopped this morning.

As good as it gets...
Remy and I also had a date yesterday. We went to see a movie and then out to eat at a 50s Diner. It was fun to hang with my sweet boy, even though he made it clear he would rather be with his daddy, and give Halle & Trace some time together. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend, though that almost never happens that way... I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of people you love!


  1. super funny kids!! I love your little girls blow fish cheeks SOO cute!

  2. I love all of these pictures. Really shows their personalities. Yay for date nights!

  3. ahh love their faces!! Too cute Mandy!


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