Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Love

I haven't done one of these posts in forever, which is crazy because I have so much I'm loving right now!

~First of all, I'm adoring this girly girl. Yes, she has her very two-year-old moments, but when she begs to have those tiny toes painted pink, I can't resist... These are the exact reasons that I wanted a baby girl! And those little nails are so sweet (even if they are so small that I can't help but get paint all over... fortunately she isn't picky!)
~Mail! I love ordering everything online because I do the super happy dance when each package arrives. Although I really would love it if the delivery guys wouldn't come during nap time and make the dogs bark like mad.

~Speaking of mail, yesterday I received a shipment of some things I ordered for a tea party that I have coming up. I'm excited to share the details once it gets a little closer... I've invited a bunch of my girlfriends, and I also gave them each an extra invite to encourage a friend to come.  I used to love having fancy tea parties with my mom, so this should be super fun. Plus, it's new to most of my friends, so it's a party and an adventure all in one. Now if the weather holds out for me to do it all outside...

~The Royal Wedding- I am actually one of those crazy people who set my alarm for 3am just to see it... I seriously can't wait to scoop every detail of William and Kate's big day. I'm so nosey!! I've been dying to see her dress since they announced their engagement. And in honor of their big day, I think I need to use a British Accent all day... that should go over well (because, of course, my accent is perfect). 

Hope your weekend is full of things you love! xo


  1. I’m just bouncing around and checking out some of the blogs listed on the Compassion site. Glad I found yours! Your header is super cute. Love the colors.

  2. Awe, she's precious. Nothing cuter than a little one with their toes all pretty. I too love receiving stuff in the mail. Wish I had the money to do more on line shopping. I forgot to DVR the royal wedding. I am getting lots of recaps on the blogs I follow!

  3. There's not much cuter than a little girl with pink toenails! I'm not much of a royal watcher, but I loved the dress--very classic. She won't look back and say "what was I thinking".


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