Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miscellany Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I can't seem to get my act together on Mondays... I'll use yesterday's holiday as my excuse this week, but in truth it shouldn't count because we don't really celebrate it. But whatever. I hope you had a terrific Monday off. We were able to hang out with some good friends over the weekend and yesterday. We splurged and bought the littles an inflatable pool, (of which I've yet to get any pictures) and now we begin the task of watching it carefully to make sure the insane dog posse doesn't poke holes into it. I am so over these dogs and the mess in my house.

This week is starting to look pretty busy. We have a few playdates planned, and I've been commissioned to make a cake. I'm a little nervous, as this is my first cake that's not been for a close friend or donated for a church event. The best/worst part is that the woman who ordered kind of gave me a lot of freedom to do what I want. She gave me a color idea and one theme idea, but other than that said to do whatever. This planner would much prefer 'coloring inside the lines' and wishes she had given me a clear picture of what she wanted. So we'll see how it ends up...

Also in other 'miscellany' news is that the Divine Miss Halle is wearing panties today! I know you were really concerned about this, and I know that all you mommas out there will appreciate the enormity of this development. I'm not holding my breath... cautiously optimistic that we'll be done with diapers very soon. As with everything she does, I'm certain that my girl will do it in her own way (likely with her hands on her hips) in her own time.

So what's in store for your week? See you soon!

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